Gallery 5 an Art Gallery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee featuring the works of local artographer DoctorSid. While all of my works begin in the camera, it is my Mind, Hands and Wacom Tablet that add life to them. Through the use of Controlled Depth of Field and Selective Dynamic Range Processing my works appear to be a mixture of painted works and photographs. is the convergence of Art of Autos, Black Bear Art Gallery, The Photography Experience and any other artistic endeavors of DoctorSid into one single web source. Extremely Limited Edition GiClee prints on Fine Art Paper and Wrapped Canvas are available for purchase.
Raw Film Series are works from before I embraced the digital world in 2003. Some of them from the 80's and some the 90's.
Film Works Series are works from my renewed interest in shooting film and processing it. Although I still prefer using Photoshop as my darkroom and printing giant sized GiClee's instead of traditional analog prints.
The Rusty Door Panel Series are works of vehicles with a weathered & rusty door panel with some sort of signage on it. | random thinking | the photography experience | gallery 5 | books | selfies | Slot Cars | 411 Speedway | terms of use
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